Tabling at Prospect HS December 6, 2016

The day started out slow but I ended up talking to quite a few students.

I had a "gaggle" of freshmen boys that kept coming back for pins and patches and candy. They were goofy but somewhat interested. One said that if we had a refrigerator magnet version of our business card he would definitely put it up on the refrigerator at home. One told me that he planned to mention our group at dinner at home that evening.

I talked to two young women, separately, about the Gap Year. Every year New Trier High School has a Gap Year Fair. I've attended twice. They usually have a panel of students that are either currently in their Gap Year program or recently finished one. It is also a vendor fair for organizations that offer gap year programs. I don't recall seeing much interest in a gap year and today I had two students that were interested.

Several young women I talked to were very engaged. One mentioned that they were in a Feminism Club. I just check online and could see no mention of a Feminism Club which doesn't particularly surprise me but then I wonder how many other clubs there are that aren't posted on the PHS website. I told her that if her club would be interested in having a female veteran talk to them to let me know. We can hook them up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't generate much interest in our theme for the month - International Human Rights Day. And I thought the theme this year was particularly catchy - "Stand Up For Someone's Rights Today".


tabling at Elk Grove HS December 8, 2016

It has been a quiet day at Elk Grove High School except for a brief flurry of activity around 1:20 p.M. A student spotted my safety pin. Next week she's doing a school event about wearing safety pins to declare, "I am safe" to folks who may be feeling unsafe in the new presidential administration. I asked her to write a an article about it for the zine. She said she would share about it on Fb. I gave her our group contact info on card as well as my own on Fb.

We have mostly heard from peace button and candy fans today. I'm sharing seasonal candy canes as well as Starbursts. One staff member came by and was delighted at some of my unusual Starburst colors\flavors.


tabling at Buffalo Grove High School November 14, 2016

Still working off the theme of Armistice Day/Veterans Day. A number of students read the information with interest. And, of course, many are interested in candy and buttons.

One of the security guards let me know that he's been keeping an eye on the Army for me. He is actually a substitute guard but has been filling in a lot lately because someone is on medical leave. In the past he's read over much of our literature and seems to approve.


tabling at Rolling Meadows High School

It's a quiet day at Elk Grove High School. For the entire first lunch period, nobody visited our table. The adjacent table was doing a bake sale to raise funds for the Magnolia Tree. (The Magnolia Tree is a foundation that provides support for folks with breast cancer. These kids had a teacher who died of breast cancer--the really vicious kind that appears with little warning and kills you fast. These kids are selling homemade goodies to raise funds in her memory.)

 The second lunch has been different. A group of boys came by and gathered here for a few minutes, asked questions, listened to my spiel.

 Later a group of girls, one of whom wore a hijab, came along and were interested. A couple of them expressed dismay at the presence of military recruiters in schools. One was sad recruiters and militarists have free rein, but peaceful religion may not be discussed. That's an overstatement, but it's her perception.

 A special needs girl came along and was disappointed I only had one peace button left. She took it.  The last couple months she has taken a fistful from each visit, even though I have asked her not to.


tabling at Rolling Meadows High School November 1, 2016

I've seen very little interest from RMHS today.  While I was setting up, a boy came over and requested 2 Starburst candies. I said okay, but only if he didn't tell anybody I had given him two. ;-) Only a few students have stopped by the table. One boy, then a couple girls, came by and glanced at our Armistice Day flyer. I think the girls just wanted Starbursts. J came by. He went trick-or-treating with cousins yesterday, and wore a Batman costume. He's still working on zine articles. Frank Burns came by to see if we had any new literature. I didn't manage to intrigue him with Armistice Day information. A 9th grade boy stopped by with his 9th grade cousin. He's in JROTC. He plans to go to college, then serve a hitch in the military, then go to med school. He plans to study auto mechanics in high school and build an engine for his car. Once he's out of school he plans to be a surgeon with a couple of unrelated specialties. Other students came by for candy.

 A student left a school-provided tablet on the peace table.  I think maybe it was our future surgeon, but I'm not sure, and I don't know his name.  Anyway, before I left for the day, I took the tablet and turned it over to Bonnie in the main office.  She said she would turn it over to the resource policeman, who would figure out whose it was.


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