Tabling at Prospect HS November 6, 2018

Hi, Comrades
What a remarkable day! 
The two students I met last month brought another student, a young art student, around to meet me (!!) (Boy, was I flattered!) We talked at length, me pontificating as usual until my better nature told me to shut up and listen... 
V reported on the difficulty of establishing a Peace Club---"it'll only be us three" and teachers are reluctant to sponsor---but she said if I could line up cogent speakers she could set it up with another club (perhaps Amnesty Int. club, I forget which one she mentioned) to entertain him/her. I thought of Kathy Kelly. Do any of you have her phone number or email?
I spoke at length with R the art student after the other students had to leave to get lunch. It was as invigorating and stimulating for me as I hope it was for her. I just emailed her a lengthy analysis of her artwork on display which I saw before leaving the building.
As long and tedious each month as visiting these high schools has proven to be, and no matter how I grouse about it beforehand, it's doing me a world of good...

tabling at Elk Grove HS October 18, 2018

Peace friends,

Elk Grove was a bust today.  I put up my little sign for Spirit Day (qv) along with the usual stuff, and was ignored. A few boys passing by grabbed some candy. That's it.


tabling at Buffalo Grove HS October 8, 2018

Slow day

I talked with one boy who has made up his mind to join the military.  He likes the camaraderie.  He doesn't think killing people is a problem.  He would not acknowledge that killing people legally is why the military exists.  Maybe he's thinking about the Boy Scouts?

One girl, who I think may have come by last month, is still considering her options, and military is among them.


tabling at Wheeling October 9, 2018

Wheeling, again, found me separated from students by a policy that makes visiting with the latter onerous and difficult. 
Only one student approached the table, took a flyer, and immediately left without speaking. The good news is that I saw our liaison at Wheeling, who stopped by to welcome me. I told her the issue and she was surprised; she didn't know of any rule that kids could not be in the halls during lunch except to pass to and from classes. She promised to look into the matter, understood my frustration, and will try to see if we can't set the table up in the cafeteria next month. I'll be sure to contact her beforehand. 

tabling at Prospect HS October 2, 2018

My first solo! And it started as a disaster. I forgot to take the name of the person who is my connection to Prospect H.S. and of course I forgot her name, so security wouldn't let me in. Fortunately it got sorted out---I won't bore you with the details. 
Slow day except for meeting two seniors, one a boy the other a girl, who promised to get the word to a civics or history teacher about our interest in debating the military in a classroom. They also thought getting a Peace Club sponsored by a teacher was a great idea. Plus, best of all, they wanted to attend our demo this Friday at Congressman Quigley's office. Alas, it's during school hours but they wanted to be kept in form of other anti-war actions. 
I got a lot of reading done. I distributed four of the large anti-war buttons made by CCAW last spring saying "No Wars at Home or Abroad" and "No Wars for U.S. Empire." I told the takers to wear them with pride and start engaging their fellow students in conversation about war and peace. "It's later than you think!"

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