tabling at Buffalo Grove HS April 9, 2018

Other than on young man who stopped and chatted most of my conversations were with administrative and security staff. The young man wants to be a video gamer and plans to start by getting his general ed requirements at Harper College before transferring.

One the way in I walked by the Buffalo Grove police officer. I had to ask her what she thought about arming teachers. Without hesitation she stated she thought it was a REALLY BAD IDEA. I have yet to meet anyone (teacher, parent, staff) that thinks arming teachers is a good idea except our crazy President and even crazier Secretary of Education.

There is a female security guard who has been saying since the election that our President will be impeached before he finishes out his term. I'm beginning to think she might be right.

Another security guard was talking about the gang banging that goes on in the school. Which might seem surprising given that it's Buffalo Grove but I think it reflects the fact that the demographics are changing. More and more families are escapging the violence in the city and settling in the northwest suburbs. They're trying to escape the gangs, but sometimes they follow them.


tabling at Prospect HS April 3, 2018

The big news at PHS today - I found out from one of the staff that over 500 students walked out March 14 in solidarity with the victims of the school shooting in Parkland FL. That's about 25% of the student body. Not bad. Would have been nice if it had been 100% but still.

The picture below was taken by a friend that is a teacher at BGHS. It is a picture of a banner that was signed by students in all six of the District 214 schools. It made the rounds of the schools and then was sent to Parkland FL in a show of solidarity. Very encouraging to see the students engaged in this way. Hopefully it will have some lasting effect.



tabling at Wheeling HS 3/13/2018

Continuing on our very very informal survey about whether women should be required to register for Selective Service - we had 6 "yes" and 1 "no". I've been keeping track because the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service is taking written statements through April 19 and has begin a series of public forums across the US. There has already been one in Pennsylvania. Illinos is one of the states that will have a forum; where and when has not yet been announced. But if it works out we could maybe present the students' feelings at the public forum.

Thanks to Roger for joining me. Nice to have company.



tabling at Buffalo Grove HS 3/12/2018

Hard to compete with ping pong tournament. Yes, they were having a ping pong tournament in the cafeteria during all the lunch hours. It was pretty loud and wild.

Nevertheless I did get a few students to vote on whether selective service should be extended to women - 11 yes; 1 no.

My friend Kate who teaches there came down for part of her lunch hour. She isn't always able to do this but when she does it's always a treat. I learned that the students at BG are participating in the walkout Wednesday, March 14. She also told me that all the schools in District 214 and District 211 developed a banner which made its way to all the schools and over 1,000 students signed it. The plan is to send it to the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland FL as a show of support.She has a picture of the banner and as soon as she sends it to me I'll post it.

We also talked about the insanity of arming teachers. She's retiring soon and just in time. She has no interest in carrying a gun. Eventually the gun will be used by one of the teachers or staff the wrong way. It's inevitable.



tabling at Hersey HS March 8, 2018

Happy International Women's Day!

I haven't been to Hersey HS in years. For the past several years Pat has been going, but, sadly she's no longer with us.

Wasn't able to draw as many students to the table as I had hoped. Everyone was walking by with their eyes glued to their phones. But there were a few.

One young man has already enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program. We talked for a few minutes. I just emphasized that he needed to understand what he was getting into. I'm not sure they ever do. I couldn't tell from his expression if he was having second thoughts or just didn't want to think about it. I didn't tell him he was making a mistake; I just emphasized that he needed to know what he was getting into. Later I realized I should have given him our brochure on the DEP and a card for the GI Rights hotline. Darn! His final comment was "Well, someone's got to do it". I thought to myself "Really? Someone has to do it???"

This group voted 3 "no" and 6 "yes". That's the most "no's" I've gotten anywhere.

One student and I talked for a few minutes to a teacher about the March 14 walkout. He was aware and felt he couldn't endorse a position one way or the other. But he did say the students wouldn't be stopped from doing so.

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