tabling at Buffalo Grove HS March 14, 2016

I'm at BGHS today. Here I am in my red top with little Scottie dogs printed all over it. Few Students visiting table. Table is covered with a purple cloth printed with peace signs and flowers. Two young women came by together. One insisted I was a military recruiter. Her friend was adamant I was not. LOL. I explained why I was there. They were not particularly interested. The confused one had a friend interested in the military.

A young man came by. Supports peace and took a button. Took a brochure about our group. Two other young men came by together. One wants to be a computer engineer. The other plans to become a fire fighter after completing a degree at Harper. Said Harper had the best fire science program around. Two girls came by. One took candy. Not a lot of interest in why I'm here.

Two boys came by together. The 9th grader plans to go to university, then join the military as an officer. The 10th grader plans to enlist in the Marines as soon as he graduates. I told him my nephew had done that years ago and is a Marine sergeant. The younger boy didn't understand how I can be proud of my Marine nephew, yet seem to be anti-military. I explained that I was anti-war, pro-peace. And you don't have to agree with somebody about everything to love them. This was hard for the younger boy to understand, but the older one seemed to get it.

No sign of the future journalist I met here last month. I was hoping she would write an article for our zine.



tabling at Buffalo Grove HS April 11, 2016

I'm at BGHS this morning. Students seem primarily interested in eating lunch. Some interest in the peace table. Since some girls here in February were interested in a peace club, I printed out and brought the peace club starter kit from www.buildingpeace.org. Another girl came by today and took one of those as well as a zine, which ahas a page about getting us to help them start a peace club. M came by and took a zine. She asked if we would be publishing a future issue. I told her maybe in the fall and asked her to write an article ASAP and get it to us, and we'll get it into the next issue whenever it happens.

A nice looking and cheerful young man just stopped by and greeted me and took a zine. Looked like a movie star by said "Ma'am" like a military recruit? He had nice hair; not a military buzz cut. Some girls came by and one took a peace pin. I also have peace patches and literature on the table but am seeing no interest. Cafeteria is full of beautiful young people nourishing their bodies.



tabling at Rolling Meadows HS April 5, 2016

It's a very slow day at RMHS today. Very little interest. A pair of girls and a solo girl came by and got peace pins. Our friend J came be and was very appreciative of being published in the latest zine. He took 5 or 6 copies. Nobody else has shown the slightest interest. A substitute teacher with whom I've been friendly came by. Hadn't seen her since last school year. Turns out she broke her leg in the Fall and was out of commission while healing. She is now caring for an infant grandson three days a week so can only sub a maximum of 2 days each week.

Several students have come by and taken zines; one of them is a regular, a clean-cut student who reminds me of the Frank Burns character from the TV show "MASH". Several other boys were following him around. Students have been taking zines. One security guy took a look at it as well. Another very pleasant security guy is doing his job and being cordial with staff and students. He is wearing the most interesting shoes; the soles of which look like legos.

Our friend J tells me he is working on more articles. Let's hope.



tabling at Wheeling HS March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

We continued with our informal poll about women and Selective Service. So far, the vast majority of students (male and female) feel that women should be required to register.

I talked to two young people - one male, one female - that plan to enlist after graduation. The young woman is following a family tradition and intends to become a dog trainer. She has been assured of a position and feels she has enough connections that this will come to pass. She currently has five dogs of her own and has trained them all.

The young man is a different story. In his case, it seems he just doesn't know what else to do. He doesn't want to go to college; doesn't have any particular career goals; sees no other path. I encouraged him to wait at least a year after graduation before deciding. I got a bunch of his friends to talk to him about delaying this decision. He has a cousin who enlisted and came back "damaged" so he is well aware of the risk. But young people that age just don't think this will happen to them. It's hard to break through.


tabling at Elk Grove HS March 3, 2016

All in all the table was pretty quiet today.

I did have the opportunity to hand out:

  •         Some candy, buttons and patches
  •         a number of the d214 internships flyers
  •         peace essay rules ... hopefully some students will actually write an essay - I always request they also send their copy to our website indicating their first name and school
  •         Voting was again done regarding women and Selective Service and, as of now, it’s pretty well evenly divided
  •         Only one student anticipated possibly going into Chicago this weekend and I gave her the handout for the peace-themed film festival at the Cultural Center
  •         There was much ‘horsing around’ – especially by some of the boys – spring must be on the way!



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