tabling at Rolling Meadows 3/3/2020

This is a very quiet day. But quite a few students have zipped by the table and grabbed candy. None are interested in talking. But two separate boys have told me they are Air Force bound. One said he'll be joining the Air Force Reserve, where he'll start his service while attending Harper and studying theater. Another said he's going to join the Air Force like his dad.  But his dad was a Medic, which this kid won't be. I forgot what specialty the kid says he's pursuing himself.

A 9th grade girl came by and picked up my next-to-last copy of "The Military's Not Just a Job . . ." for her sister, who is also a 9th grader, but they're not twins. (?) Her sister is interested in the military. IDK if she wants to encourage or discourage her sister's interest in the military.  I hope the brochure will prompt the sister to ask some questions.

I'm giving away lots of Starburst candies today.  I'm glad I bought a fresh package the other day.

I neglected to say that the first air Force bound boy to come by this morning e pressed appreciation for my being here. But he politely declined to take or wear peace bling.

A boy and a girl came by in second lunch. Both plan to go to college.  The girl hopes to attend ISU and become a teacher. The boy hasn't chosen a college yet but wants to study business.


tabling at Rollling Meadows 1/7/2020

It's a quiet day at Rolling Meadows High School. An armed police officer smiled and said, "hello'" as he walked past the peace table. Both ways.

I have a new phone. It's determined to auto correct Rolling Meadows to Rollicking Meadows.

Tabling at Rolling Meadows 12/3/2019

Apparently Army recruiters are doing a great job here.  I just had a 14 year-old boy tell me he has already enlisted.  He wants "to serve my country." The young boys traipsing along behind him have all drunk the same Flavor-Ade.  He was happy to eat my Starburst candy.  He didn't believe me when I told him he wasn't legally old enough to enlist. (?)

Two girls who are into theater came by. They were delighted to choose peace patches.

A gang of boys were teasing a smaller friend by taking his bottled drink and tossing it around to each other as he chased after it.  They ceased their "game" before I could say more than the word "Gentlemen" to end the bullying.

More girls came by for peace patches and candy. Shari, your handiwork is seeing a revival of popularity today.

Between lunch periods two armed police officers walked through the largely empty cafeteria. They greeted me as they strolled past. I responded in kind.  Maybe I should've asked why they were there?

It's now econd lunch period. Most students are just walking around and ignoring me.  My candy supply is more than sufficient, but definitely decreasing.

A boy I see each time I visit here walked by and greater me.

I had a conversation with a neat 12th grader named Bella. She's a musician. She has been accepted at Columbia, where she'll study music in the fall. She's concerned about the heavily macho attitude of friends who are in J-ROTC. She's a compassionate individual who believes in kindness. She wishes I could be here more often. I told her we're lucky RMHS let's me visit monthly, since some other schools only let us visit once a semester.

A handful of nice boys came by and chatted. Most haven't decided about careers.  They have no interest in the military. They kindly finished off my dish of candy.

Tabling at Hersey HS 11/6/2019

Very quiet. Only a few students stopped at the table. Those that did pause and ask about us, seemed to understand our purpose.

Students are so focused on their cell phones and their cliques; it's hard to break through. And to them the wars are so remote.



Tabling at Rolling Meadows 11/5/2019

It was a quiet day at Rolling Meadows High School today.  I chatted with several students.  None of them expressed any interest in the military. Almost all planned to go to college and start at Harper.

I read somewhere that the military was meeting their recruitment goals currently.  Based on the students I talked with, the military isn't experiencing much interest in Rolling Meadows.

A couple girls expressed interest in becoming oral hygienists.  Another hoped to become a doctor.

The main interest I saw was in candy. Numerous young people zipped by, grabbed candy, and kept going.  Others politely asked for and received candy. Between the two lunch periods, I took a quick restroom break. When I returned, all the  candy on the table had been taken. I had to refill my candy dish several times today.  Sugar consumption suggests there'll be plenty of future need for dentists and oral hygienists.

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