Grant From Resist, Inc.

Press Release

Date: October 2, 2007

Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project Receives Grant Award

Northwest Suburban Peace and Education Project has just been awarded $1,000 by RESIST, Inc., a national progressive foundation located in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Northwest Suburban Peace and Education Project received funding to conduct counter-recruitment activities in public high schools. Specifically the money will be used to purchase equipment and supplies to continue and expand this work.

RESIST began in 1967 with a "call to resist illegitimate authority" in support of draft resistance and in opposition to the Vietnam war. RESIST has continued to fund movements for social justice, including: civil rights; environmental; international human rights; reproductive rights, women's rights, economic justice; prisoner's rights; media and culture; and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender rights. Over the years, RESIST has evolved into a national foundation providing small but timely funding for grassroots peace and social justice groups. RESIST has six funding cycles during the calendar year. RESIST gives grants and loans of up to $3,000. In fiscal year 2005, RESIST gave almost $274,000 to 133 organizations across the country.

"Each year, RESIST funds groups like Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project, because our mission is to support people who take a stand about the issues that matter today, whether it's to resist corporate globalization, promote a woman's right to choose, or develop activist leaders," says Board Chair Rebecca Howes-Mischel. "And we believe it is especially important to help grassroots organizations that might be too small or too local -- or too radical -- for mainstream foundations."

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