Advisory Board Meeting

July 17, 2010

Several years ago we decided to form an advisory board. We felt it would be a good vehicle for advice, input, and suggestions from our community. We have attempted to make the composition of the board as Picture_040representative of our audience as possible. The board includes teachers, veterans, religious leaders, community activists. We bring the board together once a year. We review what we've accomplished; listen to their input and advice. This year we decided to open the meeting to the general public.

Following is a list of highlights from the meeting:

  • Reformulate our message to be more 'pro-peace' and less 'anti-war'.
  • Consider forming a student advisory board for our zine.
  • More systematic outreach to other groups in our community. Possibly each person 'adopt' one or more organization(s) and make a point of keeping up with the group(s).
  • Get the media on our side for everything we do. Find an ally in the media and keep that person informed.
  • Use social media and other contemporary media (e.g. texting) to reach the students.
  • Create a blog on our website to report on our experiences at the schools. Allow (monitored) input from the students.
Again, a big thank you to all who participated in the advisory board meeting. Your input was extremely valuable.


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