tabling at Wheeling HS April 16, 2018

I expected a quiet day and it was. Nothing on my table really drew much attention. Hopefully if we follow through on our plan for May we will have better attention.

Long discussion with young woman who plans to attend school in Missouri and wants to double-major -- biomedical engineering and video gaming. I'm still trying to process how you combine those two things but she seems to have a plan. She is also learning to play the violin; paying for her own lessons.

We informed the students that stopped by about the antiwar march on Saturday, April 21. Unfortunately, it's difficult for many of them to get downtown.

After talking with the young woman who is double-majoring, we had a long discussion about how bright and talented these kids are and how school really smothers that. So much time is taken up with testing and rout memorization. What if students could study whatever they wanted and go to classes based on their interest? There has been some pushback from parents and teachers on the amount of testing with some parents opting out of the testing. Would be interesting to see the result.

Libby & Roger

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