tabling at Rolling Meadows October 2, 2018

I'm at Rolling Meadows High School today. The main interest here has been candy. Some students in first have helped themselves to fistfuls of Starburst fruit chews.

I also met a delightful student. She's lovely, and very interested in peace AND in a peace club. I have her email address.

Our prodigious writer is also in school today. He zipped past me during passing period for first lunch, said he'd be back during second lunch and show me an excellent project he turned in today.

Second lunch is beginning.  My candy pile is still significant, buy reduced by greedy kids in first lunch.  Even at first lunch, most students politely took only one piece. But two or three acted like vacuum cleaners.  ;-)

My friend, Helen, who is a substitute teacher, dropped by the table. Her adult daughter lives in NJ and has worked about 17 years for Doctors Without Borders.  Helen has always been supportive of our peace work.  Her High School boyfriend was killed in the Army in Vietnam.  That cemented her opposition to war.

Students in second lunch haven't been greedy for candy. I've read that people tend to be greedy if you have a big mound of candy, as I did at the beginning of first lunch, but shy away if you only have a small amount, as I do now. 

OK. I added some more candy to the pile,  so students won't shy away from my small pile. ;-) As usual, some girls travel in pairs or trios, with one of them in charge. A pair just walked by. The submissive one reached out to take Starbursts.  But the dominant one grabbed her hand away and apologized to me, then both rushed away. SMH.

Our security guy friend who used to work at Prospect came by.  We talked about how everyone we knew who served in Vietnam came back messed up, and was unsuccessful in relationships.  I don't know any reason to expect different for combat vet's these days.

The main candy grabber came back during passing period after second lunch and took another huge handful. SMH.  I can only assume he didn't have any lunch. :'-( I have plenty.

TTYL - Lynne

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