Tabling at Rolling Meadows HS November 7, 2017

It has been a quiet day at Rolling Meadows High School.

At school, I was positioned near the soda pop and candy machines in the cafeteria. A student trying to buy something from one of the machines requested my assistance. The machine she was trying to use wouldn't accept the coin she had thought was a quarter. She asked to trade it to me for a quarter, and I obliged. She bought her treat from the machine and went on her way.

I examined the coin, and saw that it was a Polish zloty. According to the internet, it's worth about $.27. So I guess I made money on the deal. ;-) I'll pass it on to a friend who has a small international coin collection. They'll get a kick out of it.

The first lunch period I mostly saw folks who were interested in candy. At least I have packages of fresh Starburst candies.  I tasted a new flavor from my new package: blackberry. Pretty good.

Early in the second lunch period a couple female students came by, and we talked about colleges.  I'm still painfully aware, based on my experience with my kid, that the college and career office here is horrible. I think I was helpful to one of the future college students today.  Maybe?

I have seen a couple different boys sauntering past in U.S. Navy t-shirts. IDK if they have been recruited or what.

I haven't gotten anybody interested in the game. I have plenty of candy prizes if anyone comes along.  I have the Peace club sign up sheet on the table. No interest today.

Several students came by and took peace buttons.

A girl with health issues that make her ineligible for military service stopped by.  She seemed interested in the demilitarization idea, but didn't stay long enough to learn about the game.

Our prolific writer at RMHS stopped by the table. He said he had articles he had written. I urged him to email them to me.

As the final lunch period was drawing to a close, a pleasant young male student came by.  He wants to go to a culinary college in New Orleans. But he is convinced he can't get into college, let alone pay for it, without first serving in the military. I don't know who has apparently brainwashed this young person. I tried to convince him he had other options. I gave him one of our cards. I encouraged him to check out our website site. As bells were ringing, and he ran off to class, I urged him to talk with me at the table again next month.  I failed to get his name.


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