tabling at Rolling Meadows HS April 3, 2018

Tuesday was an interesting day at RMHS. A few students came to the table, grabbed candy, and took off. Students were not the interesting part. Faculty were.

A teacher whose name I didn't get, and a social education aide came to the table and talked with Roger and me. Roger asked the teacher, who graduated from Prospect, and knows Libby, what we should do to attract student interest. He recommended rap music. Well, the only rap music I have is the sound track from "Hamilton.".  Does anyone know of a rap album or artist whose music would mesh with our message? I don't. I’ll have to ask around.  My conversation with the special education aide was even more interesting.

Rolling Meadows high school now has a student organization that is focused on justice issues. He gave me the name of the organization, as well as the faculty sponsor of the organization.

Name of the organization is M. O. S. T.  It stands for Mustangs Organized for Social Transformation. The Faculty sponsor is Gabriel Popovich, who is an English teacher. The special education aide who gave me this information is Just Ibarra Flores. I'll have to go online to the RMHS website to get their email addresses and communicate with them.  


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