tabling at Rolling Meadows HS 5/1/2018

Here's a picture of today's display at Rolling Meadows High School. It includes the array of headstones made by Shari and Jon. The stones show, by county, how many troops from each Illinois county have been killed in combat 2001-2017.

Students in the first lunch period showed little interest in our table. But those who came over and found out about the ad hoc cemetery tended to express appreciation for the dead people's service, not even a bit of dismay that our young people have been slaughtered for the political and financial goals of wealthy and powerful Americans.  I guess I should've asked kids what they thought these people had died for.  They would probably parrot the usual stuff about they died for our country or to keep us free or something.

Our friend the special education aide came by. He festooned the wheelchair of a special needs student with peace patches. 


IMG 20180501 122121427

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