tabling at Rolling Meadows HS 4/4/2017

It's a quiet day at Rolling Meadows High School.  I haven't heard anybody comment on the fact that one of their security dudes is running for mayor today. He's usually the one who checks me in at the door. But it was somebody else today.

They're on a strange schedule today. As you know, they are normally on a block schedule, and they alternate their eight class periods such that 4 class periods take place each day. Today all 8 periods are meeting, and they'll only have school in the morning tomorrow for testing of some sort. I assume this will be standardized testing. This means my day started 10 minutes later than usual, and will end around 45 minutes earlier than usual.

Folks haven't been particularly interested in talking to me. Our prolific writer dropped by, and was sweet as always. He seems to understand our zine's limitations, and still wants to write for us.

Students seem more interested in peace buttons and candy than conversation today.



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