tabling at Buffalo Grove HS April 9, 2018

Other than on young man who stopped and chatted most of my conversations were with administrative and security staff. The young man wants to be a video gamer and plans to start by getting his general ed requirements at Harper College before transferring.

One the way in I walked by the Buffalo Grove police officer. I had to ask her what she thought about arming teachers. Without hesitation she stated she thought it was a REALLY BAD IDEA. I have yet to meet anyone (teacher, parent, staff) that thinks arming teachers is a good idea except our crazy President and even crazier Secretary of Education.

There is a female security guard who has been saying since the election that our President will be impeached before he finishes out his term. I'm beginning to think she might be right.

Another security guard was talking about the gang banging that goes on in the school. Which might seem surprising given that it's Buffalo Grove but I think it reflects the fact that the demographics are changing. More and more families are escapging the violence in the city and settling in the northwest suburbs. They're trying to escape the gangs, but sometimes they follow them.


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