tabling at Wheeling HS December 11, 2018

We continued with our informal survey – asking students and staff what they think about changing the Selective Service System into some form of mandatory service which would include a military option.

It was a bit challenging to get the student’s attention to take our informal survey but we talked to about 8 or 9 people including a teacher, JROTC instructor and staff. Almost all were in favor of mandatory service even when we emphasized that it was mandatory.   index

Also talked to a student who wants to join the military after school. He was motivated by his father who was in the Polish Army until a congenital heart condition forced him out. This young man has the same condition but he said he’s been checked out by a cardiologist and he’s fine. We cautioned him about his choice; pointing out the difference between service in the Polish Army and the United States which has soldiers stationed all over the world. He thanked us for our advice.

One of the JROTC instructors stopped by. He was in the Navy for 23 years; retired and now is a JROTC instructor. He was surprised that so many students seemed favorable to the idea of mandatory service. We got the impression that he wasn’t that impressed by the students he’s encountered.


tabling at Buffalo Grove HS December 10,2018

It's a quiet day at Buffalo Grove High School. Two female students stopped by and asked what this was about. Both plan to attend college after High School. One hopes to be a teacher. The other plans a career in medicine.  I didn't think to warn her that recruiters will promise to pay for med school if she'll enlist, and enlisting's not a good idea for women.

Through 3 lunch periods at BGHS, only two girls came by the table briefly.  I think the main attraction for them was candy.  Both are college bound, one to become a teacher, and the other a physician.  In the last few minutes of the final lunch period, and into the passing period, 6--count 'em--6 boys came over to the table separately, and expressed appreciation for what we're doing.  They're tired of seeing the military at their school. 5 of the 6 plan to go to college.  The 6th is thinking about becoming a mechanic. :-) We need peace-loving mechanics.  I love these young people!  That's why I invested most of my mid-day sitting alone at their school. ❤️


tabling at Prospect HS 12/4/2018

Great day at PHS! Long conversation with three students; all interested in forming a peace club; all very engaged in what's happening in the world.

Again we polled the students as to whether they would be in favor of some sort of mandatory service after high school; similar to the system they have in countries like Israel, Norway, etc. The commission formed to evaluate the Selective Service System seems to have a clear bias in that regard.

One of the teachers with whom we've formed a good relationship stopped by and was very interested in the information about the Selective Service system; specifically the idea of instituting some sort of mandatory service.

This time we had five people vote in favor of mandatory service; six against. In almost every case they liked the idea of service but had doubts about whether they liked the idea of "mandatory" service.


Roger and Libby

Tabling at Elk Grove HS November 15, 2018

C. came by and took the quiz. She did well:. 4 or 5 right answers. She won her choice of peace patch for being so well informed.  She also took a cool "No War" button.

Two more days came along and took the quiz. They didn't do well, but received peace patches, anyway. They learned some stuff.

IMG 20181115 114427180

tabling at Wheeling HS November 13, 2018

It was fun today discussing all kinds of family stuff, movies, kids, even the philosopher Gottlob Frege... Thanks to Libby and Lynne for joining me for the whole day. 

Libby had the wonderful idea of promoting a quiz put out by Ben & Jerry on the real cost of the military budget. Three students (two girls and a boy) tried it, and the guy. I'm embarrassed to say, outperformed me. Though the quiz didn't lead to an extended conversation with us, it's a start and we reminded the three to stop by next month to visit. (The trick, as Lynne said, will be to remember their faces).


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