tabling at Rolling Meadows HS January 3, 2017

The security’s computer was balky today so I ended up in a line of people (mom, substitute teacher, etc) waiting to go through security. Eventually the computer kicked in.  Finally got in but no table, no staff to set up. Had to trek back to the main office and have a nice administrative assistant call a custodian to set up a table and chair for me. So I was late getting set up.

 Two boys stopped by for candy. Not interested in  the military or peace; just candy. I put out my information on human rights and women and selective service but no takers.

Our prolific zine writer stopped by during the 2nd lunch period. He said he was almost done with his new article. I asked him to finish it up and send it to me because we’re running low on zines and need to put out a new issue. It will include mention of an ecology activist whom RMHS is trying to get to come speak. The student will let me know if that happens and would like me to come interview the guy for a zine article. Would be awesome if I could do that; would be even better if the student did.

 Another student who loves our zine and wants to write for us passed quickly while waving merrily on the way to lunch.

Pretty slow day at RMHS.



tabling at Prospect High School January 3, 2017

This was the first day after the long holiday break and the students were squirrely! Someone had a bunch of poppers (those things you throw down on the ground and they make a "pop" sound) and they were setting them off all over the building. So much of the time I was observing the drama of the search for the popper culprit.

Following up on the theme of Human Rights Day which is observed December 10, we decided to ask the students to write down how they would stand up for someone's rights. The theme this year is "Stand Up For Someone's Rights Today". Our plan was to use the responses in our next zine. Unfortunately, I didn't get many takers. I also realized that it was probably a bit much to expect someone to write on that theme during a 30 second passing period. I added our email address to the slip I had prepared. We'll see. You can link to more information about Human Rights Day here

At one point a young woman passed in the hall carrying a fake rifle. In the 12+ years I've been coming to this school, that's a first.

I had a long talk with one of the staff people. Although I've seen her many times I had not talked to her. She was very upset about the election and worried that the new administration will re-institute the draft. She does not have children but has nephews that she is concerned about; so concerned, in fact, that she was considering buying property in Canada. I seriously doubt they will institute the draft. In fact they recently appointed a commission that is supposed to examine, among other things, if there is really a need to keep it.





Tabling at Prospect HS December 6, 2016

The day started out slow but I ended up talking to quite a few students.

I had a "gaggle" of freshmen boys that kept coming back for pins and patches and candy. They were goofy but somewhat interested. One said that if we had a refrigerator magnet version of our business card he would definitely put it up on the refrigerator at home. One told me that he planned to mention our group at dinner at home that evening.

I talked to two young women, separately, about the Gap Year. Every year New Trier High School has a Gap Year Fair. I've attended twice. They usually have a panel of students that are either currently in their Gap Year program or recently finished one. It is also a vendor fair for organizations that offer gap year programs. I don't recall seeing much interest in a gap year and today I had two students that were interested.

Several young women I talked to were very engaged. One mentioned that they were in a Feminism Club. I just check online and could see no mention of a Feminism Club which doesn't particularly surprise me but then I wonder how many other clubs there are that aren't posted on the PHS website. I told her that if her club would be interested in having a female veteran talk to them to let me know. We can hook them up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't generate much interest in our theme for the month - International Human Rights Day. And I thought the theme this year was particularly catchy - "Stand Up For Someone's Rights Today".


tabling at Elk Grove HS December 8, 2016

It has been a quiet day at Elk Grove High School except for a brief flurry of activity around 1:20 p.M. A student spotted my safety pin. Next week she's doing a school event about wearing safety pins to declare, "I am safe" to folks who may be feeling unsafe in the new presidential administration. I asked her to write a an article about it for the zine. She said she would share about it on Fb. I gave her our group contact info on card as well as my own on Fb.

We have mostly heard from peace button and candy fans today. I'm sharing seasonal candy canes as well as Starbursts. One staff member came by and was delighted at some of my unusual Starburst colors\flavors.


tabling at Buffalo Grove High School November 14, 2016

Still working off the theme of Armistice Day/Veterans Day. A number of students read the information with interest. And, of course, many are interested in candy and buttons.

One of the security guards let me know that he's been keeping an eye on the Army for me. He is actually a substitute guard but has been filling in a lot lately because someone is on medical leave. In the past he's read over much of our literature and seems to approve.


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