tabling at WHS October 9, 2017

Wheeling has a new rule, implemented this year, which forbids students from entering the hallway until the bell rings. Since outside groups sit in the hallway outside the cafeteria, this means we can only talk to students during the passing period which isn't long. They can ask to come to our table and the security staff will let them. I put a sign up that said "Answer the question; pick a lollipop." The question was "What has the US war in Afghanistan accomplished?" It helped a bit to attract students to our table.

The answers were revealing. One young man told me the war had ended in 2007 or 2008; he wasn't exactly sure. He was shocked to find out it's actually still going on after 16 years with no end in sight. Other responses: "Shoot"; "Longest war in US history, right?"; "I have no idea" (my favorite).

Sigh. These students have nothing but war. One student told me her mother was 3 months pregnant when 9/11 happened. Another student told me she was only a couple of months old. The ignorance about this war is staggering. The fact that we get no information through the mainstream media is pathetic.

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tabling at PHS October 3, 2017

Kind of a strange day overall. This was my first visit of the year. New rule - no food in the commons area where I have my table which means I can't pass out candy. Horrors!

Although I didn't have too many visitors, those that did drop by chatted for a long time. One young man is in JROTC. He said he likes it which I understand although I told him that in general I didn't think much of military programs like JROTC in the public schools. Another young man wants to go to college to study business and computer science and then he wants to join the Marines. He feels like it would be a way to serve plus he admits he's attracted by the excitement of it. He talked about a business idea he had but then discovered someone already secured a patent for it. Smart kid.

A young woman stopped by for a minute. She attended the vigil we had in September in response to Charlottesville. She interviewed us then but I haven't checked the student newspaper to see if the interview made it in. Shortly after she left another young woman dropped by to interview me. It was right in the middle of passing period so very loud. Difficult to say how much I got across.

Several interesting discussions with security guards about Afghanistan. I've yet to find anyone that thinks we're accomplishing anything and when I point out that Saturday marks 16 years, they're flabbergasted.

I had contacted in advance one of the teachers that supports our cause. He now teaches world religions. He took flyers about the vigil to put up in his classroom.

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tabling at WHS September 12, 2017

New principal; new set of rules. Students are not allowed in the hallway until the bell rings. And since our table is in the hallway, that means we get no visitors. The security guards are supposed to let the students come to our table if they ask to do so, but we will need to figure out a way to get them to come over. Passing periods are too short to really engage. I did confirm that the military is subject to the same rules. So, will need to figure out some way to attract their attention. Hummm. Ideas?

I did have a chance to meet the new college and career counselor. Very impressive.


tabling at BGHS September 11, 2017

When I first walked into the school I was greeted by a therapy dog. His handler said he brought the dog because it was 9/11. I pointed out that most of the students weren't even born when 9/11 happened. Nice gesture but ...

Helped quite a few kids make cranes. In retrospect, should have downloaded a YouTube video for them to watch. They are much more tuned to video vs reading directions. Many had made origami things as children but had forgotten.

Many students interested in joining a peace club. Here's hoping. We will need to find a faculty sponsor. I have a couple of people in mind.

Theme for September is International Day of Peace which falls on September 21. Link here to read about it.  Libby

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tabling at RMHS September 5, 2017

New school year! This makes our 14th year tabling at the D214 high schools.

Val came and made cranes.  (Since International Day of Peace is in September we decided to use that as our theme and invited to students to make origami cranes or doves with us.) Very little student interest in peace table today. But J was here. He's a junior now. Has an article in the works. Some staff who knew Carter saw Val. One of them, Bonnie, was super supportive. She didn't get to talk with Val, but came by after Val had gone.

Bonnie spoke lovingly of trans kids she has known at RMHS, how this is just who they are, not something they choose for some reason.


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