tabling at BGHS 5/13/2019

It has been a quiet but not quite dead day at Buffalo Grove.  Normally they provide a rectangular table for me, but all those tables were being used for the vast amount of end-of-year testing being done this week. So they gave me a square table, which is perfect for our cemetery display.

I should have labeled it clearly as the combat deaths of people from Illinois 2001-2018. The other half, of course, is being displayed at another school.

One gentle student told me he was sorry for my loss. I told him it wasn't my loss, but everyone's loss.  He assured me he had no intention of joining the military: he plans to become a cartoonist.  He doesn't want to end up under a military grave stone.

A security guy told me, well, they signed up for it. Buy we agreed that probably none of them signed up to die.

One student recognized the cemetery as a place he'd been recently when his grandfather died.  I'm not sure if he got the point we were trying to make about combat deaths.

A teacher came by and gazed at the cemetery. I explained the tombstones represented about half the combat deaths of people from Illinois 2001-2018.   She actually took the time to read some tombstones. She said she was not aware of this (I guess that there'd been so many losses from ).


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tabling at EGHS 4/18/2019

Once again this month the Elk Grove Park District is at the adjacent table they are recruiting students to be life guards this summer @$11 an hour.  They have a steady trickle of business. I don't. This school is so not worth visiting monthly.

The school had set up tables for us ahead of time, but no chairs today. Standing for over two hours is taking its toll on my ancient knees.  I stood and sang for two hours each on Saturday and Sunday, but I had an intermission. And I was singing, not just standing there.

The people at the park district table are wandering through the cafeteria and chatting up students.  They have a staff member and two students. They take turns. One is always at the table. Two wander through the cafeteria.  If I could snag a staff member, I would request a chair.

Only one student has wandered by for candy. He's a special needs student. Probably the military isn't trying to recruit him.


tabling at Rolling Meadows 5/7/2019

It has been a quiet day at Rolling Meadows High School.

Our prolific writer came by briefly. He will graduate soon and attend Harper. I gave him a business card and asked him to stay in touch. He's a keeper.

Mostly people have zipped past the table. A few have taken candy. Little or no conversation has occurred. Yes, it's a waste of time.

Tabling at Rolling Meadows HS 4/2/2019

It's a peaceful day at Rolling Meadows High School.  This morning I was greeted in the cafeteria by the mayor of Rolling Meadows, who is on the security staff at the school. No table was set up.  I had to make considerable effort to get one. During that time I saw several boys walking around (like other students) in their khaki and black JROTC uniforms. Nobody paid any attention to them.

I had been alerted by the security guy at the entrance that the area where I usually sit had been rearranged, and I would need to find another spot. I did. My new spot is better, gets more traffic.

tabling at Elk Grove HS 3/21/2019

Peace people,

It's been a quiet day at EGHS today.  They forgot I was coming.  I had to wait for a table and chair.

Next to our table is a table recruiting students to be life guards for the Elk Grove Village Parks District. The district has student accomplices.  both they and the Park District representative have roamed the cafeteria, not just sat at the table.

The Park District is handing out free sunglasses.  They are doing brisk business. I am not, in spite of my unlimited supply of free Starbursts. I'm glad I brought myself a healthy lunch, so my time here hasn't been a total waste. 

A couple different students have started to approach our table, then turned away upon realizing I'm not offering summer jobs.  Hey! Peace patches and buttons are cool, folks!

A few students have taken a Starburst or three.  Elk Grove area dentists would view me as dangerous, if they could see what I'm doing.

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