Tabling at Rolling Meadows HS 4/2/2019

It's a peaceful day at Rolling Meadows High School.  This morning I was greeted in the cafeteria by the mayor of Rolling Meadows, who is on the security staff at the school. No table was set up.  I had to make considerable effort to get one. During that time I saw several boys walking around (like other students) in their khaki and black JROTC uniforms. Nobody paid any attention to them.

I had been alerted by the security guy at the entrance that the area where I usually sit had been rearranged, and I would need to find another spot. I did. My new spot is better, gets more traffic.

tabling at Elk Grove HS 3/21/2019

Peace people,

It's been a quiet day at EGHS today.  They forgot I was coming.  I had to wait for a table and chair.

Next to our table is a table recruiting students to be life guards for the Elk Grove Village Parks District. The district has student accomplices.  both they and the Park District representative have roamed the cafeteria, not just sat at the table.

The Park District is handing out free sunglasses.  They are doing brisk business. I am not, in spite of my unlimited supply of free Starbursts. I'm glad I brought myself a healthy lunch, so my time here hasn't been a total waste. 

A couple different students have started to approach our table, then turned away upon realizing I'm not offering summer jobs.  Hey! Peace patches and buttons are cool, folks!

A few students have taken a Starburst or three.  Elk Grove area dentists would view me as dangerous, if they could see what I'm doing.

tabling at BGHS 3/11/2019

I forgot to pack a cookie in my lunch. How can I be sweet without one?

It's a pleasant day at Buffalo Grove High School. Students have been coming by the table. Most are college bound. Maybe all.

One who came by is in JROTC, which he insisted is a community service organization. Clearly he has bought into their whole line. He's a smart kid, though. He plans to major in software engineering, possibly at U of I.  His buddy, who actually initiated the conversation, has similar career interests, but isn't in JROTC. I wish I'd asked the boy why he chose to be in JROTC.  You see, it's a tradition in his family to serve in the military. Uh-huh. So now we're in "Fiddler on a Roof."

tabling at Hersey HS 3/5/2019

Chatted with probably 6 - 8 students even though so many walked by; glued to their devices.

We table at Hersey only twice a year - usually in November and March. This is their policy; not ours. And as far as I can tell they are consistent. In other words the same policy applies to military recruiters. But I realize  how difficult it is to build any kind of connection with the school. At the other schools we often see the same students month after month.

I have a slideshow of all the men and women killed in service in 2017 which I played in a continuous loop. It generated some interest. I realize I need to update it. It covers all 2017 but I haven't updated for 2018. Would be good to do so. Seeing faces brings the wars home for people.

One young woman I talked to wants to be a writer. I gave her a zine. One young man wants to be a lawyer. I resisted the temptation to talk him out of it. (I know MANY very unhappy lawyers). But I pointed out different fields of law (e.g. intellectual property) that he might not have thought of. One young woman stopped by and thanked us for all we do.

I created 5 flyers of recent war-related events that have happened recently. Didn't generate a lot of interest though.


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Tabling at Elk Grove HS 2/21/19

It's been a quiet day.  I had several boys zip by for candy. One girl I'd met before came by and took a brochure.  She came back a while later for peace patches. She didn't seem interested in pursuing conversation.  But reading our literature apparently inspired her to take a stand with peace patches and safety pins . . . somewhere . . .


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