Tabling at Wheeling HS 10/15/2019

Wheeling has instituted the new policy governing visits by outside groups. All groups are allowed one visit/semester. If students want to meet with a group (college representative, military recruiter, us) they need to make an apppointment and meet with that representative in the college and career counseling office.

Sadly no one signed up today.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the military didn't get anyone either. So . . .

Another interesting statistic I learned from the college and career assistant. About 71% of Wheeling students are first generation. This came up because we were discussing how ridiculous that the schools in D214 have just one college and career counselor and one part-time assistant. They're supposed to serve 1,700 students. This is a comparatively rich school district. They should have double that staff.


Tabling at Rolling Meadows 10/1/2019

Today I've seen mostly 9th grade boys who want candy.  Two of them have already been recruited into the military. Freshmen! Can you imagine pressuring children barely in their teens to sign up to kill people?

Tabling at EGHS 9/16/2019

The school apparently forgot I was coming, after our careful planning and scheduling. I had to wait about 15 minutes for a nice maintenance guy to bring me a table and chair after a nice security guy requested it.

Several individual boys came by our table and got candy and/or brochures. A couple boys took peace patches. All said, "Thank you." All looked like 9th graders.

A group of about 5 9th grade boys then came by together. Their ring leader informed me he was going to join the military once he got out of college. (I encouraged him to check out ROTC and get his college paid for by the military.) Soon I realized these kids didn't know what they were talking about. These boys obviously were here to harass me. I told them they didn't need to be here if they were just here to harass me. They all left, didn't even take candy.  Nothing like that has happened in years.  Not since those dreadful twins who harassed Esther and me here. We reported those twins to the school, who knew them, and dealt with them sternly. I should've gotten this boy's name (he would've lied, I'm sure.) Esther raised houses full of sons and grandsons. She recognized and didn't put up with BS from anybody.

tabling at Wheeling HS 5/17/2019

Roger and I talked to probably a half dozen or more students. One advantage of sitting inside the commons area. The tombstones drew attention. Several stopped to look at the various counties. In retrospect almost wish we'd had all the tombstones or maybe display the 30 highest counties.

IMG 5218

IMG 5217




Tabling at EGHS 5/16/2019

Very slow. The display of tombstones did draw attention and quite a few students slowed down to take a closer look, but only a few stopped to talk. The longest conversation I had was with one of the security guards. He talked at some length about all the wars our country has been involved in and now the threat of war with Iran.

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