tabling at Buffalo Grove HS 2/8/2016

Buffalo Grove has always been a rather quiet school i.e. not much traffic at our table; not much interest. And when we have gotten visitors they have often been people who just want to rankle us like the young man who tried to convince us that Obama was Muslim. What do I know? Today I now have the names and email addresses for some students who are interested in forming a peace group. I gave them zines and told them about our meeting tonight. I doubt they'll show up but they're interested and we can follow up with emails.

They seemed excited about, and took, buttons and patches.

Many students here are disappointed that I'm not selling Valentine candygrams. It's also a disappointment that I'm not hawking tickets to the turnabout dance.

And I just met a future journalist and truth-seeker who is thinking about attending Howard University. She is currently a Junior. She plans to visit the school over Spring Break.

Truly, this never happens! And definitely not at BGHS. One of the young ladies remembered connecting with us around Armistice Day. That would have been last November. She really likes our purpose. She wants to write for our zine although, unfortunately, we are almost ready to go to press.



tabling at Prospect HS 2/2/16

Groundhog Day. I attempted to link the theme of the 1993 movie of the same name with the recent decision by our military commanders to NOT pull troops out of Afghanistan; instead talking about an American commitment that could keep thousands of troops in the country for decades. . . . DECADES.

Anyway, not sure it was a very clear link. Better would be to make the link to the concept of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The United States has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and we don't seem to be having any better luck than the Soviet Union which occupied the country from 1979 to 1989 but finally had to pull out.

A  young woman from the school newspaper stopped by and we talked. I am going to submit something to the newspaper on the issue of  having young women register for Selective Service.



tabling at Rolling Meadows High School 2/2/16

My day at RMHS included an early visit from Joseph, who had submitted a zine article. Several students have come by and enjoyed candy. Some came and got peace buttons or patches. They think it's cool that an alum of their school is our button artist.

One young man came by and said he didn't believe there was anything negative about the government's recruiting minors for the military. He said (in so  many words) that the military's propaganda is right; what we're doing is more dangerous. I gave him a zine and invited him to write an article for us. I think he's a 9th grader.  Students keep coming for our peace bling and candy.



Tabling at Buffalo Grove HS 1/11/2016

The first thing I noticed was that in spite of the fact that it is extremely cold outside (single digits) some students are eating a blizzard. (Dairy Queen is across the street). It made me shiver just watching them.

Long talk with a young woman from the Sudan. I had a half page flyer on the table that talked about the number of children killed in armed conflict around the world. Sudan was one of the countries listed. She happened to notice it and commented that the number was very low. After some back and forth she concluded that the source that we use on the flyer (United Nations) was probably the most reliable but we should made a note that the number was probably much higher.

The young woman is Muslim and wears a hijab. We talked quite a bit about her adjustment to our culture; some of the things she found amusing; some of the things she found disturbing.


tabling at Prospect HS 12/1/2015

Really good day at Prospect today.

Two young women stopped by. They saw the word "peace" in our tablecloth and that caught their attention. After I explained who we are they immediately wanted to know what they could do to help - give money, whatever. I encouraged them to write something for the zine. I asked them if they would be interested in starting a peace club. They really liked that idea. When I suggested they ask Mr. Camardella if he would be willing to be the sponsor, they said they were thinking the same thing. I told them to tell Mr Camardella that they would do all the work with our help. Hopefully something will come of this.

Later a young man stopped by. We got to talking and he ended up sitting and talking to me for the entire lunch hour. He said he was diagnosed as ADHD as a child and we had a long conversation about whether he has a "defect" or just learns in a different way. We had a long wide-ranging conversation about problems in the world, how to fix them, tolerance, respecting people's differences, how high school really sucks for a lot of young people.

He started a meditation club at Prospect and has found meditation very helpful in his life. He also is very interested in a peace club. He pointed out, quite accurately, that our method of tabling at the school and trying to change hearts and minds through a series of short conversations isn't particularly useful; that we need to use more social media. He's absolutely right.

And for whatever reason, Prospect always announces our group on the hall monitor -

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