tabling at JHHS 1/23/14

The following is a brief synopsis of activity that happened. There were visits from the usual students stopping over including:

  • A very nice tall, thin, young man who often stops by announced that he has turned 18 but did not register for the draft . . . it's his personal protest against the wars. I told him I very much appreciated his sentiments and asked him to look into something: Will he still be able to qualify for student financial aid at a community, state or private college? He'll let me know next month. I guess we know the answer but I want him to look into it himself.

Then there was some troubling news from a couple of students:

  • A senior plans on joining the military right after graduation from high school.
  • Another senior has already signed up for the Marines and will enter right after graduation.

And some that give a person hope yet:

  • A junior interested in taking engineering classes also was thinking about going into the military and work on equipment, etc. After talking, he has now promised to think it over and may even write a submission for the peace essay contest.
  • Another senior - very birhg - anticipates attending McGill University in Canada and will major in linguistics. She too may write and submit a peace essay.


  • Two teachers that just stopped by for a moment and when asked how they feel about private personal information of students being sold by the ACT - both said they were not aware of it or the lawsuit (and one teacher said it didn't surprise her) however both seem unfazed. I didn't even have a chance to ask what they thought of the inBloom project.


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