Issues surrounding the ASVAB test

There are several issues related to the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test.

  • The military administers and scores the test and, therefore, has access to all the student contact information. And although there are eight recruiter release options available to the schools administering the test, the default is option 1 - provide student test information to recruiting services no sooner than 7 days after mailed to school. The other options vary in how quickly the student contact information is provided to the military culminating in option 8 - access to student test information is not provided to recruiting services. Peace groups around the country are trying to get the schools to adopt option 8.
  • Some high schools, particularly in depressed areas where there are more students of color, require all students to take the test. They argue that it is a career exploration test; that it helps the student figure out what they want to do with their life.
  • Schools are not always clear about who administers the test and what is done with the results. Although it should be obvious that a test named 'Armed Forces Vocational Aptitute Battery' probably has some connection with the military, that should not be assumed. Parents and students have a right to know exactly who administers the test and who gets the results.


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