Protecting Student Privacy

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test is offered once a year, usually in November, to District 214 students. It is a test that is used by the U.S. Army to determine whether you are qualified to enlist and helps determine which jobs you would qualify for. It is administered by the Department of Defense. The contact information of the students taking the test is used by the DoD in their recruiting efforts.

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Best Practices for ASVAB

This report, released by Rutgers School of Law in the fall of 2013, points out the fact that, unlike career exploration tools developed by third parties, the ASVAB does not automatically protect student information. It explains how the different options work. This report is geared to school counselors. Please note that we approached the District 214 school board several years ago and asked them to consider adopting option 8 which means that the results of the test and the student contact information are not released to the military. They declined but agreed to make it clear in information describing the test that it is administered by the military.

Link to the report here.

Why is Georgia Secretly Giving Student Test Scores to Military Recruiters?

Why is Georgia secretly giving student test scores to Military Recruiters? Link to this article from "Counterpunch".

What is the ASVAB test?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple choice test, administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States armed forces. It is often offered to high school students in the United States when they are in the 11th grade, though anyone eligible to and interested in enlisting can take it. The ASVAB was first introduced in 1968 and was adopted by all branches of the military in 1976. In 2002 it underwent a major revision. In 2004, the test's percentile ranking scoring system was re-normalized, to ensure that a score of 50% really did represent doing better than exactly 50% of test-takers.

An Important Message

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