tabling at Wheeling High School December 10, 2013

Sadly I had to compete with a bake sale for AVID. That never works out well. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It’s a college readiness system for elementary though higher education. I don’t know how many of the D214 high schools have an active AVID program. Obviously Wheeling does. I talked for quite awhile with two young women who are at Wheeling as mentors for AVID. And, ironically, they both attended Buffalo Grove High School. Of course, they never saw us. The cafeteria at BG is huge and we are always placed at the West end. Students tend to sit in the same spot and sometimes even the same table every day.

One of the mentors really liked the zine. She suggested we check out the Chicago Zine Fest. She said it costs a little bit of money to have a table there, but might be worth. I will certainly do so and report back at our next meeting.


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