tabling at Elk Grove High School November 21, 2013

Lynne, Lana and myself, were looking forward to this visit since I’d talked with a female, senior, last month that had paperwork from the Navy and was set to enlist either right after graduation or possibly sooner into the DEP (Delayed Entry Program), as a friend had done.

I viewed it as promising that she came over to talk, accompanied by a couple of friends, and we talked for quite a long time. As her friends wandered off, we probably talked  almost her entire lunch period. We discussed a lot of things pertaining to enlisting in the military. Of course, I was discouraging her from enlisting right out of HS and to think about it some more.

Well, you can imagine my joy when she came back to our table again this month with a solid plan for what she’ll be doing after graduation that doesn’t include the military. She has assured me that she will not be joining and in fact has talked to that friend enrolled in the DEP and now the friend would like to back out…we gave her the information to pass on to her friend and, hopefully, that young woman will also decline final enlistment.

In addition, some of our old student regulars, as well as, other new students stopped over. All in all it was a good day and made our time there worthwhile!


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